Extend living wage for cleaners

Council cleaning contractors will be paid Living Wage under Goff’s second term

Phil Goff has committed to extending the living wage to all cleaners working on contract for council, should he be re-elected as Mayor.

Yesterday, all directly employed Council employees received the last tranche of pay increases taking them up to the living wage of $21.15 an hour, fulfilling a pledge Phil Goff made at the last election.

“I’m really proud that those employed directly by Council now have a wage they can live on and properly support their families. A decent society ensures that those who do an honest week’s work are paid sufficiently to meet the cost of providing shelter, food and support for their children and families,” Phil Goff said.

“However, there are others who are employed by contractors but effectively work for Council who equally deserve a wage they can live on.

“First and foremost, I think of those who come late and work through the night cleaning our offices, libraries, community centres, streets and transport fleet.

“Having been a cleaner myself in my student days, I know how hard they work and at unsociable hours.

“In the next term of council, all will have their incomes lifted to a living wage.

“I will also be asking Council to compile a record of other workers who while employed by Council suppliers, effectively work for Council. That information will enable us to determine how, and when we can extend the living wage further.

“Paying the living wage is not simply a moral and decent thing for Council to do. It also contributes to a workplace who feels their work is valued which has positive effects on productivity and lower staff turnover and training costs. Council, contractors and staff all benefit from implementing a living wage,” Phil Goff said. 

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