Planting 1.5 million trees

Last election, I promised a million trees would be planted under my Mayoralty. Thanks to the hard work of the Council staff, community groups, the Department of Corrections, mana whenua and the public, we've exceeded that number. That's great news for our city, but there's no reason we should stop there.
So this election, we're aiming even higher; for a 50 percent increase in our planting programme which will see at least 1.5 million more native trees and plants planted all over Auckland during the next term of Council
Many Aucklanders have told me that as our population grows, they want our city's green spaces to grow too. The Million and a Half programme will help make that happen by helping absorb carbon emissions; creating habitats for native birds and helping prevent corrosion and siltation.
New Zealand prides itself on its native trees and bush, and I want Auckland to be the greenest city in our country. 
Over the last three years, Auckland Council has worked with many community groups, mana whenua, schools, NGOs and government ministries to plant over a million trees – this is a legacy that we can not only continue but make better.

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